About Us

Nick Straniere

Role: Lead vocals, Keytar, lil bit of everything else 😉

Nick began his musical adventures at the age of seven when his parents signed him up for piano lessons. Having a knack for figuring songs out by ear and a lifetime submerged in his parents musical theatre background, Nick was destined for a career in music and the arts. When not sitting at home writing new material or practicing, Nick can be found at home, writing new material or practicing

Frank Krungus

Role: Bass

Frank is indescribable, an entity from another dimension. If you’d like to know more we recommend you stop asking now.

Chris Guzman

Role: Drums, Percussion

A seasoned expert in the ancient art of banging, Chris Guzman is the player of all things drum and percussion. Chris started playing drums before recorded time, and joined Pastel in April 2017. He has played over 4,875 gigs with anyone that offers to feed him. Chris’ musical inspirations include Mike Portnoy, The Mars Volta, System of a Down, and Snoop Dogg. In his downtime, he enjoys collecting old video games and consoles, staring at his collection of typewriters, Intense sensual drumming, cooking, and lying about his musical experience to get free food.

Pat Granton

Role: Guitar

A seasoned veteran of the illustrious cover band scene, Pat has at one point played every song in the known universe. This, plus his godlike silver hair has made him the perfect member of the Pastel roster. He believes in sunshine, rainbows, and seltzer. For further inquiries

Former Members

Kevin Ryan – Drums
Dave Harris – Drums
Matt Burns – Guitar
Niall Sullivan – Bass
Johnny Viola – Guitar