Bringing together the past, present, and future, Pastel is an Eclectic Theatrical Rock band from Staten Island, New York that has one mission: Put on a great show; and also have a good time. Fusing together genres and styles from across many eras of rock, Pastel brings a modern edge to a classic sound. Through high energy theatrical performances akin to Queen and Muse, Pastel brings a level of showmanship and engagement that is sorely missed in modern rock.

Forming in 2015, Pastel set out to create live Electronic Dance Music. When that failed, they moved on to being a funk cover band; this was also a disaster, and lead them to discover their mutual love for all things Rock. When they couldn’t decide which era of Stone was their favorite, they chose to instead play them all. This is best illustrated through their musical juxtapositions from DOOM to Weather the Storm, or Fade Away to Jungle Thing. This gives Pastel a unique ability to blend their sound to any bill, while also being standouts through their engaging showmanship. With crowd favorites like Weather the Storm, and Fade Away, Pastel engages their audience and gets them singing along.

In 2019 Pastel released their debut album “Through the Rose Colored Glass”, which to no ones surprise, is THE #1 streaming album on their Spotify. The album is an adventure through the bands first few years together, and highlights their willingness to push their musical boundaries.

Pastel has toured across the east coast to cities including Providence, Boston, Staten Island, Washington D.C. and Philadelphia. They’ve played on music festivals such as Pugsfest, Hell Yes Fest, and Wavestock.

Some of our top hits:

Fade Away
Jungle Thing
Weather The Storm
Break Through
Paint It, Black

Planned Releases:

  • Separate Ways Single –  Q1 2020
  • Pastiche – Cover EP – Q1 2020
  • Mr Duplicity Single – Q2 2020
  • Untitled EP – Q3 2020

Seen live at:

Live Performances